WindowsPager 0.37

Organize your windows with up to four virtual desktops


  • No installation or admin rights required
  • You can move apps between desktops


  • Only four desktops
  • No configuration settings

Not bad

Having a larger monitor – or even more than one –is a proven productivity booster. But what if you can't afford a 24'' screen? Well, you can just download WindowsPager.

This free tool lets you use up to four virtual desktops and manage your windows and apps within them with ease. WindowsPager doesn't require installation nor administrator privileges to run: simply launch it and your available screen space will be instantly multiplied by four.

WindowsPager's interface for switching between desktops is a bit awkward but it still does the trick. You can change from one desktop to another by clicking on the small thumbnails in the Windows toolbar, or by dragging and dropping windows from one desktop to another – you'll need to press and hold the Ctrl key for this one to work though. WindowsPager also supports keyboard shortcuts.

On the downside, WindowsPager lacks a settings menu for changing the program's main functions and tools. Also, I have to say it was a bit unstable during our tests, and I couldn't figure out what the manager.exe file is used for.

If you want to have more screen space but can't afford buying a new monitor, a multiple virtual desktop tool like WindowsPager may be your best choice.



WindowsPager 0.37

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